In Vitro Fertilization / Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IVF involves combining the eggs and the sperm outside the body in the lab, commonly known as test tube babies. IVF is one of the most effective fertility treatments and also widely opted for.

IVF has  a high success rate but it opted only after the failure of other fertility treatments. It is a form of assisted reproductive techniques.

IVf usually involves the following steps :

1. Simulation
Fertility drugs are prescribed to the female partner to increase the production of eggs which is necessary for IVF. Patient is monitored on ultrasounds and periodic blood tests are done to check hormone levels

2. Egg retrieval
Follicular aspiration, a minor surgery, is done to remove the eggs from the body. Surgery is monitored on  ultrasound and a small needle is inserted into the vagina. The needle works on suction force. The eggs with the fluid are sucked out of each follicle.

3. Insemination and Fertilization
The Semen is collected from the male partner or the donor and  is paired with the eggs under controlled conditions in the laboratory. In a few hours, the fertilization occurs. If the chances of fertilization are low then the sperm is directly injected into the egg which is also known as ICSI.

4. Embryo Culture

After monitoring the process regularly a healthy embryo might take upto 5 days to develop. The embryo is tested for genetic disorders at this stage.

5. Embryo Transfer

The transfer of the embryo is done  3-5 days after fertilization. A catheter ( thin tube) containing the embryo is inserted into the female partner’s vagina through the  cervix.

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Egg Retrieval

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Embryo Culture

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Embryo Transfer